Club opening postponed

Unfortunately, the recent public health order means we must postpone getting together to tidy the grounds, clean up the club houses, and open the Club. Originally scheduled for May 15 we anticipate the new date will be June 5, subject to the health orders that are in effect.

We do not believe there is an issue with any member going to the Club to prepare their boat for the season. In fact, if you can pitch in and knock off a few chores, opening the Club will be that much easier. The water should be on by next weekend. When at the Club if there is anyone else on the grounds other than a family member please maintain social distancing and wear a mask.

And please get your membership renewal in by May 15.

2021 Racing Schedule

Our schedule for racing this summer, subject to weather & public health regulations, is:

  • Club Championship series; dinghy racing every weekend day and statutory holiday from May 29th to September 19th, except on days when we have a keelboat race scheduled
  • Keel boat racing days; June 19, July 31, September 11th, and September 18th.
  • Commodore’s Cup on August 14th (it is included in the Club Championship series)

The Racing Instructions for the Club Championship are posted here.

  • Here are some important points from the racing instructions:
    • The scheduled time of the warning signal for the first race each day is 1300.
    • The race officer on duty may run up to five races in a day.
    • At least three boats must start in a race for that race to be counted towards the Championship.
    •  15 races will be required to be completed to constitute a series. A boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores, excluding her 16th best score and all those below it. [So, you really want to complete 15 races during the summer]

We are intending to start a women’s sailing league this summer.  I will post the schedule and the racing instructions for the women’s league race series when the plans for those races are developed.

South Whiteshell Women’s Sailing League

In the summer of 2021, the Falcon and West Hawk Lake Sailing Clubs plan to launch a joint sailing program for women who have limited, or no prior sailing experience. Both Clubs have active women sailors who have mentored one another over the years. They are looking for more women who would love to join in experiencing the joy of sailing. Long term, our vision is to have an active South Whiteshell Women’s Sailing League, the likes of which exist in other parts of Canada & the U.S.A.. The women’s learn to sail program July 12-16 will kick-off the program this summer.  

For more information, click here to go to the website.

New name for the club

We have decided to change our operating name to Falcon Sailing Club, effective immediately.
We are also considering selecting a new logo. If you have any suggestions, please send them to Penny and Sharlene before the end of March.
We will gradually transition the website to the new name.

Sept 26 Racing

Saturday turned out to be a combined club close-up and racing day. We put away the boats, did lots of cleaning, lifted the docks in the morning, and as the weather turned nice in the afternoon, we set a race course to the South-East, based on the winds of the moment. It was an official keel boat day, with three boats on the line, and dinghy sailors went sailing around the buoys too. The wind was capricious; it pretty much blew from every direction, and everything from a zephyr to a hard blow.

SkipperTimeCorr. TimePoints

Sept. 19 Keel Boat races

Lovely warm and sunny day, great turnout, everything good except…. a shortage of decent wind. We ran two races in little zephyrs of wind, sometimes just enough to keep moving, sometimes not quite enough…

SkipperTimeCorr. TimePoints
Dave H64.0041.972
Dave H22.1114.551

Keel Boat Activities

Five Boats enjoyed a gentle NW breeze to take us down to Picnic Island for a BBQ on Saturday evening.

Sailing back to the club Sunday morning was a beat into a brisk and gusty NW wind, much cooler than the night before.

It seemed like the wind had settled down a bit around noon, so we set up a course for a keel boat race, but when we gathered at the start line the wind was once again coming in hard gusts, dangerous conditions to try racing for our fleet, so the race was called off.