Falcon Yacht Club, 90s and beyond

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Today (2013), the Club fleet is led by two very active classes, the Lasers and the Tasars.

The Laser is a one-person, one sail International Class extremely popular throughout the world. All new Lasers are absolutely identical and variations are permitted only in the manners of rigging controls.

The Tasar is a two person dinghy featuring a fully battened main sail and a rotating mast. It is quite sensitive, pleasant to sail and exciting to race.
While preserving its independence, the Falcon Yacht Club contributed substantially to the sport of sailing over the years, in support of the Manitoba Sailing and Canadian Yachting Associations’ goals, holding some regional and national championships as well as contributing manpower, know-how and officials to many a championship.

One thing has never changed at our Club and that is our dedication for training young sailors; young in years and young at heart. Our Learn-to-Sail Program, started in 1972, is still active today.
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From our modest beginnings, we have made steady progress following our founders’ original goal which was to provide low cost organized sailing to all those interested in friendly but competitive racing. Our current goals have not changed. We strive to provide a venue where sailing as a sport is promoted and encouraged for persons of all ages in a safe and friendly environment.
Who are we?
Falcon Yacht Club is a sailing club centered around summer weekend dingy racing and a weekday sailing school for children and adults.
Contact us!
Club telephone (lake): 204-293-7317
Webmaster: alpha.helix79ATgmail.com

Learn to Sail Co-ordinator:
Email: alpha.helix79ATgmail.com
Where are we?
Falcon Yacht Club is located on the north side of Falcon Lake at Faloma, about 8 km east of the park entrance.