July 11 races

Typical Falcon Lake summer weather; nice breeze, allegedly coming from the North, but with lots of shifts to make sailing interesting.

SkipperTimeUK position
Race 1
Dave L15.301
B Woods19.124
Dave L16.323
B Woods19.096
Dave L16.321
B Woods21.076
Dave L16.103
B Woods19.416

First Keel Boat Race of 2020

Saturday June 27th we had a lively wind gusting up to 15 knots from the South West (mostly!). Five keel boats were on the start line for the first race, plus a few dinghies out to practice. Unfortunately, Dave’s tiller broke when he was doing well in the first race, so he had to retire without finishing. The rest of the fleet had a good time rounding the marks as quickly as possible:

Race 1TimeCorr. TimePoints
Allan C37.1522.024
Allan C29.1017.243
Allan C32.3019.213
Phil & Avery

2020 Races Can Begin this Weekend with a Revised Notice of Race

MSA has sanctioned our race program for 2020, so we can start racing this weekend.

We have been advised to adjust the wording of our Notice of Race in order to comply with provincial health regulations as they stand now. Therefore:

Starting immediately, and continuing until further notice, all FYC Notices of Race are amended to include the following:

All racers, volunteers and race management people must;

  • Pass the COVID-19 self-assessment test before coming to the club each day. https://sharedhealthmb.ca/covid19/screening-tool/  Anyone with COVID19 symptoms must not come to the club.
  • Ensure that the number of people congregating is less than 50.
  • Travel with individuals within their own household and jurisdiction.
  • Maintain social distancing (2 metres/6 feet). Avoid all physical contact.
  • Maintain good handwashing and respiratory hygiene
  • Minimize the number of people in the dock/launching/rigging/parking areas.
  • Not invite visitors/guests to the facilities.
  • Nothing to be shared.  Everything must be provided by the individual. Avoid sharing tools or equipment. If shared disinfect affected tools after use.
  • Avoid the common courtesy of helping others with their lines or accepting help unless there is an immediate need to avoid injury or damage. Wash hands or use sanitizer after handling someone else’s boat or lines.
  • Responding to an incident on or off the water (sailor in the water/other injury) may cause the responsible person to come in physical contact with the sailor. As such participants should always have gloves, masks and hand sanitizer available to protect themselves, and sailors, should contact become necessary.
  • When required, wear gloves that can be washed after use or put aside for several days – do not put gloves in your pocket – virus can live on surfaces up to 7 days – wash hands after taking off the gloves.
  • Safety Boat and Committee Boat should be sanitized after every use;

These amendments to the rules replace the ones we published last week, and may change again quite quickly, based on advice MSA gets from public health.  Watch our website for changes.

Summer of Sailing Regatta

25 Boats on the water for the weekend regatta, which included 17 Lasers, 4 Optimists and 4 dual-handed boats.

The weather was extremely variable, with the wind blowing, or not blowing, various strengths from various directions. It meant lots of adjusting by the race committee, and lots of waiting for the sailors, but sailors had a good time; and those who stayed out for all the races sailed between four and seven races each.


RankClassHelm Name
1stLASER RADIALMareike Bordasch
2ndLASERKayden Polachek
3rdLASER RADIALLauren Burns
4thLASER RADIALJonah Friesen
5thLASER RADIALSharlene Telles-Langdon
6thLASER RADIALTomas Green
7thLASEREvan Owen
8thLASER RADIALPatti Cohen
9thLASER RADIALKendra Penner
10thLASER RADIALRoger Redwin
11thLASER RADIALMatthew Sauer
12thLASER RADIALBrian Woods
13thLASER RADIALLiam McConnell
14thLASER RADIALWendy Sauer
15thLASER RADIALKatie Sauer
16thLASERGonzalo Agrimbau
17thLASER 4.7Penny Kelly
1stOptiKingsley Parkhill
2ndOptiCharlie Wilson
3rdOptiGavin Garabed
4thOptiBrynn McConnell
RankClassHelmNameCrew Name
1stTaserCharles FeaverCory Leblanc
2ndZestPeter MagnusAidan Lawton
3rdZestMadeline KrestanowichSydney Odowichuk
4thZestAaron KrestanowichCole Anseeuw
Optis starting
Optis starting
Kendra receiving medal
Kendra receiving medal
Matthew receiving medal
Matthew receiving medal
Charles receiving trophy
Charles receiving trophy

FYC Hosting Big Regatta in July

Mark your calendars!  On July 20 and 21, 2019, the Falcon Yacht Club is hosting the District 4 Laser Championships/Summer of Sailing Regatta.  This will be our biggest racing weekend of the season and a great reason for a Saturday evening BBQ.  Club members are encouraged to race or volunteer for the weekend.

Laser International divides North American into 25 Districts (6 in Canada).  District 4 includes Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario (including Thunder Bay).  For the “seasoned” Masters sailors in our club who are feeling extra adventurous this year, the District 4 Championships will be an excellent warm-up for the Laser Masters Canadian Championships, which the RLWYC is hosting this year in August.

Online registration for the District 4 Championships is now online at: Sailcanada.checklick/Manitoba

For the District 4’s, only those with an International Laser Class Association (ILCA) membership will be scored in the District 4 Championships. (An ILCA membership is also required for the Masters and is available online at: www.laser.org).

For sailors born between 2003 and 2010, the District 4’s/Summer of Sailing Regatta is also the qualifiers for the South Region for the 2020 Manitoba Games.  If you know a sailor who might be interested, please visit the Sail Manitoba 2020 Manitoba Games site at: sailmanitoba.com/2020-manitoba-games.

We are also looking for a few more volunteers.  If you are not planning to race, but would still like to be a part of the event, many hands make for light work!  If you are interested in volunteering, please email Charles (on the water) or Liz (on land).