August 5 Racing

No lack of wind on the holiday Monday. Strong gusts from the W-NW, and a few other directions. Set up a triangle course. Those who went out had to hang on and move fast, but we hit top boat speeds over 20 kph on the reaches.

Back in the game
Back in the game
Race timing GPS track
Speed profile for that track…

August Long Keelboat Race

Nice breezes mostly from the West, 5 keelboats and one Wayfarer out. We set a triangle-sausage course, and ran three races. Since the Wayfarer finished in roughly half the time it took the keelboats (including the race committee), it was not scored for the races.

Race 1
Dave H22.1314.5681
Al Cade29.4617.5964

Race 3:

Al Cade37.2722.1383

The results for the day were scored on the basis of the two best races for each skipper, so Dave Hudson was first with two points, followed by Marcello, with three.

The Races were followed by a lovely BBQ on the upper deck.

Awesome day.

Al's team
Al’s team
Colette calling the puffs
Colette calling the puffs
Serenity beating
Serenity beating
Wayfarer on the beat
Wayfarer on the beat
The spread
The spread
The dining setting

August 3 Races

10 skippers were keen to race on this hot August Saturday, but we had to wait for the wind, which finally showed up at 2. It was mostly light, and a very unpredictable, but that’s Falcon Lake. We set a sausage course, and headed out to race. Of course, by the time we got out there, the wind veered more and more off the course, so Sharlene moved the windward mark once from her Laser, and we worked with what the wind gave us.

10 skippers skipping...
10 skippers skipping…